Grid nesting demo

The awesome grid can have multiple nests, an url or js func can be specified for loading the nest content.
When using url the Key of the grid is sent as "Key" parameter to the url.
The class of the html element that will act as a toggle button for the nest needs to be specified, that element will get the awe-on class additionally while its nest is open. Opening a nest will close other nests that are open for the same row.

Master detail grid

Using one nest with url to achieve a master detail grid view

using grid api to open, close and toggle open nest for the first row:

<% MasterDetailGrid.Grid()
new Column { ClientFormat = "<div class='detailnst'><i class='caretc'><i class='o-caret'></i></i> .(Id)</div>", Width = 100, Header = "Id" },
new Column { Bind = "Person" },
new Column { Bind = "Food.Name" },
new Column { Bind = "Location" })
.Url(Page.Url().Action("GetItems", "LunchGrid"))
.Nests(new Nest { Name = "detailnst", Url = Page.Url().Action("LunchDetail", "GridNestingDemo"), LoadOnce = true }); %>
<awe:Ocon runat="server" ID="MasterDetailGrid" />
using grid api to open, close and toggle open nest for the first row:
<button type="button" class="awe-btn" id="btnOpenNest">Open nest</button>
<button type="button" class="awe-btn" id="btnCloseNest">Close nest </button>
<button type="button" class="awe-btn" id="btnToggleNest">Toggle nest</button>

$(function () {
var grid = $('#<%=MasterDetailGrid.ClientID %>');
var api ='api');

$('#btnToggleNest').click(function () {
api.nestToggle(grid.find('.awe-row:first'), 'detailnst');

$('#btnOpenNest').click(function () {
api.nestOpen(grid.find('.awe-row:first'), 'detailnst');

$('#btnCloseNest').click(function () {
api.nestClose(grid.find('.awe-row:first'), 'detailnst');

.detailnst {
cursor: pointer;

.caretc {
position: relative;
padding: 0 .7em;
margin-right: .5em;

.caretc .o-caret {
transform: rotate(-90deg);
zoom: 1.1;

.detailnst-on .caretc .o-caret {
transform: rotate(-45deg);

Nested grids / Hierarchical grid

the url of the nest points to an action that will render another grid, it also receives the key of the row (Id) as a parameter to filter it's content
<% CategoriesGrid.Grid()
.Url(Page.Url().Action("CategoriesGrid", "Data"))
.Columns(new Column { Bind = "Name", ClientFormat = "<div class='detailnst'><i class='caretc'><i class='o-caret'></i></i> .(Name)</div> " })
.Nests(new Nest { Name = "detailnst", Url = Page.Url().Action("MealGrid", "GridNestingDemo"), LoadOnce = true }); %>
<awe:Ocon runat="server" ID="CategoriesGrid" />